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Posted by Anderson Teo on March 25, 2010 at 2:44 AM

Hello all,

I have been looking at the sites and youtube in particular, and had discovered alot of postings in relation to Wu Zu (Ngo Chor/ Five Ancestor) boxing.

As such I created a special San Cheen Video page with links to the initially only San Chiem/ San cheen sites.

But browsing through, I discovered more interesting links, especially there is a wealth of video postings in relation to Wu Zu boxing, I have since added to the Video Link page.

Hope all of you like it.

Please do not gripe about the pictures, why I chose to take them out of the annuals, this is supposed to be an unofficial site, and i am practically working alone here, so please, give me some leeways as far as this is concern.

I am happy to accept more members of the club to join in, so that I can make more of you admin, and thus relieve me of the burden of being the only one updating the website.

That said, I have discussed with some senior members on our plan to secure a full gym, this is not part of the subject, I will discuss that later.

Right now, I am in need of members to fill the rank, so please, join in, that way if you don't like the pictures i put up, you can scan yours and add it in.. :-)

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