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Letter to SSC regarding NCAP's accreditation

Posted by DomLim on May 13, 2011 at 2:07 AM

Hi below is a letter i wrote to SSC, hoping that we can add a voice in making traditional arts more recognised in Singapore. I am going to contact other friends from other schools also to voice out.


From: Dominic Lim [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Thursday, 12 May, 2011 6:33 PM

To: SSC Coaching (SSC)

Subject: Complaint and Feedback- NCAP Accredition

Dear Sir,

I hope this note finds you well.


I would like to give a little feedback regarding the Wushu practical accreditation, I have been trying to communicate with Wuzong but I was not able to get a response from them.


The NCAP level 1 programme is a good study for coaches and SSC is definitely sending good and qualified instructors to teach the teaching methods and theory of sports coaching in general.


The problem now lies with the practical segment of NCAP accreditation for Wushu. Just a little background of myself, I have spent more than half of my life practicing Southern Shaolin fist. I have competed in China in traditional taolu matches where participants are from a mix of international (26 countries) and Chinese sportsmen. As we are competing directly with the Shaolin Temple and full time sportsmen, requirements and standards of these competitions are equal if not higher than that of local Singaporean Wushu competitions.

In Singapore the Singapore Wushu Dragon & lion dance federation or “Wuzong” is offering the NCAP level 1 course which consist of a number of trainings including a mandatory knowledge of Taiji 13 form as seen in this application form:

I personally have no problem with the practice of taiji, but I feel it is preposterous to make it a core requirement of Wushu practical accreditation.

Can we say that if you do not know taiji, you do not know wushu? (i) If we answer positive to that question then I do not know what exactly is that art that I have practiced for half my life. But I am very sure Shaolin is a wushu. (ii) If we answer negative to that question then why should we do taiji to be accredited to teach shaolin or any other non-taiji wushu?

I am not sure if you have or have not heard of the recent news where Lee Poh Heng master of southern shaolin fist, attempt to challenge Wuzong with the claim that ‘if you can beat me I will do Taiji’. I am not associated with Lee in anyway and I do not approve of his methods to get the idea across. However his protest does in a way reflect Wuzong’s inadequacies to encompass all Chinese Martial Arts, in particular to traditional forms.

If we draw an equivalent here, to make all wushu practioners do Taiji and competitive forms it would be similar to making all football players play and know basketball in an instructors level in order to be able to be certified to teach ‘ball games’. I am certain that anyone with proper reasoning abilities should be able to see that soccer is not basketball and people who can teach soccer do not need to know any basketball techniques. The number of people playing basketball will not change that fact.


I wish SSC can apply some pressure or bring out this issue to Wuzong. And if Wuzong is unable to provide satisfactory coverage for traditional Chinese martial arts practitioners, then it might be crucial to select a separate organization that can for the practical segment of NCAP.


I would appreciate an answer from SSC NCAP about this issue. (ie: what is SSC’s official stand in the issue and what alternatives can traditional martial arts practitioners do to enjoy the benefits of being an accredited coach, keeping in mind that traditional martial artists are doing competitions equal in quality to that done by taiji or standardized wushu.)

Thank you for reading my note.


Best regards,

Dominic Lim


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