Sparring Team 84 Sparring Team 84 Circuit training in Lorong G 75408591 75408592 Team 84 for National Pugulisitic Tournament 75408593 75408600 Our training instructor, Kay making us going through the exercises 75408595 Regular Coffee sessions after our trainings 75408594 The winning team Back then we had too many fighters, so much so, some of us were send over to Man Nam, the school of the old master Quek 75408597 Some of the figthers Not everyone was present from the sparring team of 84 here 75408598 75408602 Webmaster in fighting gear 75408596 75408603 Dinner to for the fighters in 84 From left, Jason, Kay, Ong tiong Hin, Ong Toon Kai, Derrick, Chao Xing, Ong Ah San, Tay Kiang Meng, Low Yong Huat 75408599 Picture with Master Quek 75408604