Past activities Past activities May 1990 All of the participants for the year. 77038196 May 1990 - The glory. After the grand final tournament at Gay World Stadium. 77038198 SMAIA 13th Anniversary Grand Dinner Performance Bow.. 77038197 Master Teo in action! (NTUC downtown East) Hitting sugarcane with long pole while standing on a tray of eggs. 77038195 Another Master Teo's in action (NTUC downtown East) Playing, rolling on and "frying" with broken glass with bare body and palms.. Note: Kids, please do not try this at home. It is very very dangerous! 77038201 Grading in progress at SMAIA Dojo. With our GM Quek Yong How overseeing the grading process.. 77038199 One step Sparring performance 77038200